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IST offers a comprehensive selection of premium quality abrasive media for the sandblasting industry. We offer spherical and angular media of various grit sizes (MESH) to address an array of blasting applications, including surface preparation, scale removal and surface remediation.

Our inventory includes commonly used reusable media, such as Glass Bead and Aluminum Oxide, as well as media produced from industrial by-products. We even carry an exclusive line of GMA Garnet imported from Australia.

Available in a variety of grit sizes and formats:

  • Bulk (sold by the pound)
  • Bags (50 to 55 lb)
  • Pallets (40 to 56 bags)
  • Drums (250 to 1,700 lb)
  • Full truck load


  • Surface preparation for bonding
  • Removing brazing residue
  • Peening and stress relieving
  • Removing flash left from molds
  • Removing scale from castings
  • Cleaning High Pressure Welded parts

Check out our MEDIA SELECTION GUIDE or contact us to find out which abrasive media is best suited for your application.


JetMag is a synthetic sand made of olivine and pyroxene widely used for blast cleaning. It offers excellent sanding quality and its cost/performance ratio is highly competitive. It allows either more rapid cleaning and/or reduces abrasive consumption. Because of its chemical and mineral composition, JetMag is a non-toxic material containing less than 1% free silica. It […]

 Steel Shot

Steel Shot is a solid round particle causing a peening action and producing a smooth surface. Its heavy weight gives greater impact and hammering action for cleaning heavy forgings and removing heat treating scale. Often the SHOT is mixed with to GRIT achieve specific finishes according to desired applications.

 Steel Grit

Steel Grit is one of the most popular type of abrasive made from chilled iron. Grit is angular and, like thousands of tiny chisels and cutting tools, does a fast cleaning job. It also produces an ideal surface for adherence of new coatings. Often the GRIT is mixed with SHOT to achieve specific finishes according […]

 Plastic Media

Plastic Media is a dust-free abrasive produced from special alloy of plastic material that has high tensile, compression, and flexural strength combined with comparatively low hardness. It is widely used for deflashing plastic parts and cleaning molds, dies, electronic connections, and circuit boards. It can effectively deburr machined iron castings, zinc or aluminum die castings […]

 Aluminum Oxide

Aluminum Oxide is manufactured from high-grade ore and is chemically inert. It is extremely fast cutting and can be reused many times. It is widely used as a cutting abrasive. In the field of surface preparation, it is excellent for deburring, frosting glass and lettering stone. It also produces excellent “anchor” or “tooth” patterns in preparation […]

 Glass Bead

Glass Bead is one of the most popular abrasives used in cabinets today. Ideal for honing, polishing, peening, finishing and removing light burrs and foreign matter, such as carbon and surface residue from pistons and valves with no base metal removal or dimensional change. Produces bright satin finish. The applications are extensive, due to the […]


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