Dust Collectors

ISTblast sandblasting dust collectors designed to withstand harsh environments and prevent dust from escaping into work environment. Specially designed abrasive blast rooms and blast cabinets only work properly when equipped with proper ventilation and dust collection systems. After all, you can’t treat what you can’t see.

Our dust collectors are cleverly designed to require little supervision and ensure high degree of dust filtration using Venturi Reverse Pulse System. Mechanical components selected with flexibility in mind, allowing several optional add-ons to automate filtration and clear internal filters.

ISTblast dust collectors available with replaceable cartridge or manual bag-shaker filter system. These robust systems capture and filter more than 99% of all particles equal to or greater than one micron, and allow filtered air to be recycled for substantial savings in heating and cooling. ISTblast dust collector systems can also be equipped with HEPA filters (optional) to increase filtering performance.

IST dust collectors (1) improve working environments, (2) reduce maintenance and operating costs of sandblasting equipment, and (3) increase operator productivity.

 DCM200 – Motorized Dust Collectors for Abrasive Blast Room Recovery Systems

DCM200 is a high efficiency, motorized dust collector specially designed for our MRS200 and MRS500 abrasive blast room pneumatic recovery systems. Exhaust system equipped with powerful 10 hp+ turbine engine and provides high filtration efficiency to suck and extract fine particles and dust from abrasive residues used during sandblasting operations. Designed for heavy-duty usage, this […]

 DC100 – Sandblasting Cabinet Dust Collectors

DC100 dust collector is designed for heavy-duty usage on semi-industrial sandblasting cabinets Econoblast and ECAB Series. Highly effective for preventing dust from escaping into work environment and contaminating work surfaces and machines. This is our high-end model of manual shaker dust collectors and is ideal for dust filtration of various applications when compressed air is unavailable. Automated, modular, […]

 DC50 – Sandblasting Cabinet Dust Collectors

DC50 dust collector meets NFPA regulations on limitations and is a good solution for tight budgets that don’t allow purchase of higher end, more efficient models of shaker dust collectors. Suitable for occasional-to-regular users of semi-industrial sandblasting cabinets, such as Econoblast and ECAB Series cabinets. This open-type modular series does not require anti-deflagration devices as […]

 DCM100-330 – Motorized Dust Collectors for Industrial Sandblasting Cabinets

DCM100 to 330 motorized dust collector models designed for heavy-duty usage on ECAB and M Industrial Series sandblasting cabinets, as well as on small abrasive blast rooms. The most efficient of their kind for preventing dust from escaping into work environment and contaminating work surfaces and machines. These high-end motorized dust collectors are equipped with […]

 DCM600-1800 – Cartridges Type Motorized Dust Collectors for Sandblasting Cabinet & Abrasive Blast Room

DCM600 to 1800 motorized cartridge-type dust collectors designed for heavy-duty usage on M Industrial Series sandblasting cabinets as well as abrasive blast rooms. More efficient and durable than bag-type dust collectors and designed to withstand harsh environments. Motor head with built-in fan sucks in air from recycler at 600, 900 or 1800 CFM, depending on […]

 DCM3000-50000 – Heavy Duty Motorized Dust Collectors for Abrasive Blast Room

The ISTblast DCM3000 to 50000 Series dust collectors specially designed for pneumatic or mechanical blast rooms of any size or treatment capacity. This line of dust collectors stands out for its ability to filter highly contaminated air volumes while remaining extremely compact. Cartridges are combined with efficient, self-cleaning compressed air system for filtration of fine […]

 AW16000 – Air Wall Aspiration Systems

ISTblast Air Wall system solution is compact wall-filtration unit designed to capture and control airborne contaminants found in work environments. Available in different cartridge filter and modular configurations, our line of air wall filtration systems can address all your air purification requirements, whatever the room size and type of contaminants found. A key advantage of […]


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