Parts & Abrasives

Pressure Vessels Accessories

You’ll find all relevant accessories for your pressure vessel, such as pneumatic or electrical remote controls, auxiliary blast lamps and upgrade kits for more blasting power.

 Pressure Vessels Remote Control

PPB Series Portable Sandblasters can be operated by remote control mounted at abrasive outlet on blast hose. Depending on your equipment, opt for remote control powered by 12V-DC or 120V-AC electricity, or pneumatic remote feeding directly from your compressor.

 LED Auxiliary Blast Light

Are you looking for supplemental lighting for your sandblaster? IST’s LED Blast Light can be mounted to your blast hose for better visibility. This LED Blasting Gun Light provides long-lasting life and handy grip for greater comfort. It features a polycarbonate handle to help stabilize the blast gun and a quick-changeable protective lens cover that can […]

 Maxblast Upgrade Kit

Upgrade to Maxblast Full Flow System for more power and blasting surface Maxblast upgrade kit includes automatic air valve and connectors to fit 1½’’ blast hose which increases air pressure at nozzle, reduces pressure loss and increases operator productivity. Maxblast kit available on our PPB Series blast pot line or as an upgrade to your […]


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