Parts & Abrasives

Safety Equipment

IST offers a wide selection of security equipment compatible with our equipment and other industrial-type equipment potentially harmful to the operator. See our blast suits, hoods, air fed protective hoods, air purification and monitoring systems, as well as security accessories for our equipment.

 Breathing Air Supply Systems & Hoods

Designed to withstand harsh environments, our air fed protective hoods provide increased comfort to abrasive blasters and painters, allowing them to work long hours with reliable breathable air supply. Our systems are NIOSH approved as Type C or CE Continuous Flow Class Respirator (Approval No. TC-19C-293). Our breathable air systems are modular and include key […]

 Protection Hoods & Visors

Our blast hoods are sealed tight to resist dust infiltration. They are made of superior quality material, feature a protective construction helmet and provide great visibility. They also come with disposable replacement shields to facilitate maintenance and minimize window replacement costs.

 ABM-725 Breathable Air Monitor

ABM-725 Breathing Air Monitor is world class technology designed to provide continuous monitoring of breathing air supplied to our air fed hoods by detecting the presence of carbon monoxide and toxic hydrocarbon emissions with alarm and light signal.

 Radex Air Purifiers

ISTblast breathing equipment purifiers can be used in combination with other safeguards to supply cleaner air to airline respirators and many pneumatic tools and systems. Our air purifiers are designed to remove 98 % of particles down to 0.5-micron size, but do not remove carbon monoxide and other gases from airline.

 Blast Suits

ISTblast blast suits provide increased comfort and protection to abrasive blasters. It is formally advised to wear proper blast suit at all times during blasting to avoid risk of accident or injury. Our blast suits are available in a variety of sizes and materials, including mixture of cotton and nylon or full leather.

 Hot or Cold Air Tube for Air Fed Hoods

Hot and Cold Air Tubes help maximize comfort and productivity of workers wearing air fed hoods by keeping interior temperature stable and comfortable. POSITION OF THE ACCESSORY ASSOCIATED PRODUCTS

 4-Stage Air Purifying Systems

Model 50 to 150 breathing systems outfitted with broad range monitor, four-stage filtration and auto float drain, designed to provide 50 to 150 SCFM of Grade D purified air from existing compressed air supply. These complete panel mounted systems are available in stationary and portable versions. Rapidly ready to use, warm-up purge cycle time of […]

 Air Dryer

Super-Dry D-Series Compressed Air Dryers contain two highly efficient polypropylene coalescer elements at inlet & outlet ports to absorb oil and all solid air particles. Systems sold with desiccant bag specifically designed to absorb water vapors and humidity from your compressed air system. Combine your air dryer with FSD-type moisture separator to provide your equipment […]

 EDP-10 Ambient Air Pump

EDP-10 pump transfers ambient air from clean air location to workers wearing C or CE type continuous-flow supplied-air respirator hoods or tight fitting half or full face masks, to ensure breathable air at all times.


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