Parts & Abrasives

Sandblast Cabinets Accessories

You’ll find all relevant accessories for your cabinet, such as sandblast guns and protection gloves, as well as optional security features.

 Sanblast Cabinet Door Security & Timer Options

IST offers different door security options to improve the usage of its equipment and increase health and safety for operators. Basically, we have two levels of security available: Level 1: Door Safety Switch – Ensure blasting operations are disabled when a door is open, but the dust collector and the air blow gun remain active. […]

 Sandblast Cabinet Guns & Nozzles

IST offers a line of sandblasting cabinet guns with trigger or treadle control, compatible with our Econoblast, ECAB or Industrial M-Series line of sandblasting cabinets. Our sandblasting cabinet guns can be bought pre-assembled with a variety of nozzle combinations.

 Sandblast Cabinet Gloves

IST offers a line of gloves for our sandblasting cabinets – available in rubber, leather, nitrile or butyle.

 Sandblast Cabinet Lighting System

Are you looking for supplemental cabinet lighting or simply to replace your existing lighting system? IST proposes different lighting solutions for its sandblasting cabinets, including halogen and LED lighting systems. Since our cabinet designs have evolved over time, we recommend contacting your IST representative with your serial number at hand to explore the different options […]


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