Sandblast Cabinets

IST manufactures superior quality sandblasting cabinets that combine performance, versatility and durability. No wonder our cabinets have been approved for industrial applications in cutting-edge industries such as aerospace, aviation, military and automotive.

We offer a complete line of standard and custom cabinets to address the most demanding surface preparation requirements. Whether you want to clean, etch, sculpt, deburr, finish or peen, ISTblast has your sandblasting cabinet needs covered.

 ECO 420 – Sandblasting Cabinet for Light-Duty Applications

IST ECO 420 is our entry level sandblasting cabinet and is ideal for the handyman, casual users and light-duty applications. It offers all basic features an industrial cabinet should have, including built-in dust collector to keep your sandblasting area free of dust particles, foot pedal to control flow of abrasives from sandblasting gun, dual side […]

 Econoblast Series – Semi-Industrial Sandblasting Cabinets

The Econoblast® line offers a range of suction sandblasting cabinets designed for light industrial applications without compromising the reliability and performance of an industrial unit. All you need is an air compressor that generates a minimum of 22 CFM and a few pounds of sandblasting media (glass beads or aluminum oxide). Our light industrial cabinets […]

 ECAB Series – Semi-Industrial Sandblasting Cabinets with Media Reclaimer

ECAB Series for mid-level semi-industrial sandblasting is designed for regular users and heavy-duty industrial applications. Offers same reliability and performance as industrial equipment at an economical price. ECAB Cabinets feature pneumatic foot-treadle control for better ergonomics and tunable media-reclaimer to recover up to 95% of abrasive residues generated during blasting operations. After contact with work […]

 M Series – Industrial Sandblasting Cabinets

Looking for even more power and performance? Industrial M Series Sandblasting Cabinets are the most powerful and sophisticated cabinets available on the market today. Built with strong 12-gauge steel and equipped with cutting-edge technologies, the Industrial M Series can accomplish any heavy-duty tasks you can imagine. Fully customizable in sizes and configurations, Industrial M Series […]


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