Blasting Technical Guide

Here is a very comprehensive blasting guide for beginner as well as for advanced blasters. You will find in this technical document everything you need to know about: Blast Finishing Media Delivery Systems Blast Media Types and Features Common Systems and Applications Main Blasting Equipment’s Components Surface Profile Measurement Technique Click Below to Download Blasting […]

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The Future Looks Bright with LED Lighting!

IST has reached an important milestone in reducing energy consumption of our sandblasting equipment while improving the visibility for the user thanks to the LED technology. Advantages of LED versus traditional lighting systems*: Increased visibility reaching up to 65% more lumens Energy consumption of the cabinet lighting system reduced by over 90% Higher productivity and […]

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Why Choose GMA Garnet Rather than Traditional Low-Recyclability Abrasive?

GMA GarnetTM is among the cleanest and cost-effective abrasive media available in the market today. In addition to achieve a high quality surface preparation, it is non-toxic, produces very low dust emissions and can be reused between 5-10 times. GMA GarnetTM consists of totally natural almandine garnet known for its natural hardness, durability and abrasive […]

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