Custom Projects

Do you have an industrial challenge to overcome? We have a custom solution for you! Despite our extensive product line of industrial equipment, the majority of the systems we design are tailor-made or based on an existing design that requires a slight adaptation in order to achieve the desired performance or address a specific constraint. What sets us apart from the competition is our ability to deliver a solution that meets the project’s objective, but also that minimizes the maintenance cost and servicing needs of the system. We can assist our customers with their custom projects from A-to-Z, from designing the concept to prototyping and testing the system. The process usually involves the following steps:

  • Conception and Design
  • Parts and subsystem identification and listing
  • Sourcing and supply chain optimization
  • Production planning and scheduling
  • Prototyping and testing
  • Final equipment production
  • Startup and Training

Since we have full control over the design and manufacturing process of our custom systems, we can provide training of users and upkeep teamtechnical assistance, maintenance planning, user instructions and parts manuals, just as we would with our standard products. Please contact us to submit a project and we will design a tailor solution just for you.

Ergonomic Pressure Blast Cabinet
Application: Aircraft maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO)
Industry: Aircraft

Multi-Station Shot Peening Cabinet
Application: Maintenance work on plane parts and components
Industry: Aerospace

Vertical Shot Peening Cabinet
Application: Shot peening of aerospace or industrial parts
Industry: Aerospace

Laboratory Shot Peening Cabinet
Application: Laboratory equipment to study the deformation of various materials
Client: Aerospace Technological Center – CTA, Quebec (Canada)

Pneumatic Recovery System for Outdoor Sandblast Facility
Application: Spent potlining removal from electrolytic cells used to produce aluminium
Industry: Aluminium Refinery

Sandblasting Cabinet with Automated Rotary Head
Application: Steel doors blasting process automation
Industry: Windows & Doors Industry

Suction Type Sandblasting Unit with Rotary Basket
Application: Tumble blasting in batch of small manufactured parts
Industry: Automotive

Automated Suction Blast Cabinet
Application: Blasting of brake pads for the automotive industry
Industry: Automotive

Automated Suction Blast Cabinet
Application: Surface treatment of metal plates
Industry: Foundry

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