Indexing Turntable

Indexing Turntables are the ideal sandblasting system for the continuous production flow of identical small- and medium-sized parts. This system significantly increases the throughput of repetitive blast patterns, and also integrates perfectly with automated fabrication facilities utilizing robotic arms to move parts along the production line.


  • All-in-one process that blasts and cleans parts within one complete circumference.
  • Precise positioning of parts on a rotating satellite support ensures predictive and repetitive process quality.
  • The operator stands on a single point of the loading and unloading station, which reduces time wasted moving around the shop.
  • Loading/unloading procedures can be automated with robotic arms for an operator-free process.
  • Equipment is low-maintenance and has a small footprint.
  • Available with either suction or pressure system.


The system consists of four stations:

  • The loading/unloading station allows the operator or robotic arm to remove treated parts and install untreated parts on a satellite support.
  • The waiting station acts as a dust barrier between the operator and the sandblasting station.
  • The sandblasting station is where the parts are exposed to an abrasive blast stream.
  • The air cleaning station is equipped with dust-off nozzles which remove any remaining dust from parts before unloading.

Parts can be loaded/unloaded manually by the operator, or automated with the addition of a material handling robot.



The size and complexity of the parts usually define which nozzle arrangement is ideal for the application:

  1. Fixed nozzles.
  2. Oscillating nozzles on a vertical or horizontal axis.
  3. Rotary head nozzles.
  4. Nozzle mounted on a robotic arm.


  • Production Yield: The system can be designed with 4 or 8 satellites, each of which can move from one to a few parts at a time (usually up to 3), depending on the size and complexity of the parts as well as the constraints and requirements of the process.
  • Heavy-Duty Rotating Table: The rotating table is mounted on heavy-duty shafts which can handle a significant load.
  • Custom Design and Fabrication: Each system is tailored to the customer’s specifications to address all process constraints and for optimal results and productivity.
  • Personalized Process: Personalize your process by varying abrasive media, blast nozzle size, blasting pressure, table rotation speed, and blasting cycle time.
  • Fully Automated Cycle: Process sequences are controlled by PLC and interfaced with an intuitive HMI touch panel.
  • Baghouse Dust Collector: Choose from a range of high-efficiency baghouse dust collectors for both optimal blasting performance and minimizing wear and tear on critical components.
  • Media Reclaiming System: Cyclonic separation of contaminated abrasive media for optimal performance – dust and by-products are diverted to the dust collector.
  • Electricity: Available in all voltages and frequencies.
  • Compliance: Design and door switches comply with OSHA requirements and most local safety jurisdictions.
  • Parts Cleaning: Automatic blow-off cycle to remove all dust and contaminants from the freshly-blasted parts.
  • Liner Protection: Rubber lining protection on the inner wall, rotating table, and media reclaimer for extended service life (Linatech).


  • Tower Status Indicator Lights: Stack lights offer modular stackable components that provide illuminated and audible status indication for machines, systems and process.
  • Baghouse Dust Collector Optional Package: Improve your standard dust collector efficiency and performance with the addition of an automatic cleaning procedure on filter media, a vertical or horizontal muffler, and a sealed dust collection drum.
  • Cartridge-Type Dust Collector Upgrade: Increase your overall process quality and efficiency with a fully-equipped cartridge dust collector able to capture up to 99.9% of particles down to 5 µm.
  • HEPA Filters: Our dust collectors are designed to fit a HEPA filter when the process requires it, which can capture 99.98% of particles down to 0.3 µm.
  • Parts Handling Robots: Automate tedious and unsafe parts handling tasks with a dedicated robotic arm.
  • Loading/Unloading System: Facilitate the loading/unloading procedure for heavy parts while preventing injuries in the workspace.
  • Remote PLC I/O: Benefit from remote access assistance on the PLC, allowing for instant troubleshooting and easy software updates.
  • MagnaValve Abrasive Regulator: The MagnaValve and controller provide an accurate regulation of ferrous and non-ferrous media in shot peening and blast cleaning applications where accurate and repeatable flow rates are desired.
  • SWECO Vibratory Media Classification System: The SWECO particle separation and sifting system provides an accurate media classification and sizing for precise peening or blast cleaning applications.

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