ICC Series – Paint Can Crusher

ISTpaint offers a range of pneumatic and hydraulic can crushers that can crush cans from 1 to 50 litres. All crushers are equipped with a double-acting pneumatic cylinder with a force ranging from 865 kg to 2,500 kg at 100 psi.

Crushing cans means reducing the size of waste cans by up to 80%, resulting in significant savings in disposal fees.

ICC-20 - Paint Can Crusher - Uncrushed PailICC-20 - Paint Can Crusher - Crushed Pail

Key Features

  • Air-operated or hydraulic
  • Fully automatic
  • Compaction up to 80%
  • Double acting pneumatic cylinder
  • Door safety interlock
  • Bench or wall mounted (except ISB9)

Available Models

ICC-20 - Compacteur de contenant à peintureCompacteur de contenants à peinture ICC25/30ISB9 - Paint Drum Crusher
0.25-1.5 gal paint or thinner cans
0.25-7.9 gal (13.2 gal for ICC-30) drums up to 19″ in height
Up to 53 gal cans and drums

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