AW Series – Aqueous-Based Agitation Washing Tank

AW Series Aqueous-Based Agitation Washing Tanks are designed to clean parts or parts batches using adjustable agitation platform, ranging from 0 to 160 oscillations per minute. Simply load part in tub, set wash cycle length and that’s it! Parts are immersed in aqueous-based cleaning fluid as agitation platform oscillates vertically to dislodge grease and oil on surface and in cavities

Tubs range in capacity from 80 to 150 gallons, made of robust, industrial-grade steel for long trouble-free operation. Inner chamber made of heavy-duty stainless steel. Baked epoxy-powder finish provides durability, and robust, self-cleaning agitating platform lifts parts to top for easy loading and unloading.

To be used with aqueous-based cleaning fluid with ignition point of more than 104°F (40°C).


Serie AW - inside view


  • 120 psi pneumatic agitation system
  • Filter regulator with automatic drain preset at 120 psi
  • 6,000 watt heating element to heat cleaning fluid up to 104°F (40°C)
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel construction for long life
  • Adjustable agitation speed ranging from 0 to 160 agitations per minute
  • Stainless steel spring-loaded door closures
  • Flow-through brush with polyester filaments for toughest water-based cleaning applications
  • Thermostat preset to deliver optimal cleaning temperature of 110°F
  • Includes backup thermostat (non-adjustable)
  • Self-cleaning agitating platform lifts parts to top for easy loading and unloading

To use with aqueous-based cleaners only. Do not use with chlorinated solvents.

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