• Heavy-Duty Construction – Made of 10-12 gauge industrial-grade welded metal sheets, making them the strongest and most durable of their category.
  • Available in Different Sizes – Choose from among 10 pre-engineered dimensions or request a custom cabinet tailored to your specifications.
  • Versatility – Suitable for various applications including cleaning, etching, sculpting, deburring, finishing, or peening.
  • Increased Visibility – Fitted with a high-efficiency LED lighting system and designed in a way that allows the airflow to create a waterfall effect which wipes the dust cloud away from the observation window.
  • Automation-Ready – Turn your manual blast cabinet into a semi-automated finishing system with the addition of a motorized nozzle, basket, and/or turntable.
  • Codes Compliance – Certified under CSA-C22.2 Standard and designed in accordance with OSHA requirements.


Système de projection à pression ou à succion

Delivery System

Choose between a Suction or Pressure Delivering System to achieve optimal results for your applications.

ISTblast - Media Recovery System - Cyclonic Separator

Abrasive Media Recovery System

Our exclusive Cyclonic Media Separator can be tuned to control particle size. Available in the ECAB and M Series only.

ISTblast - Dust Collectors for Sandblasting and Shot Blasting Machineset de grenaillage

Dust Collection and Filtration System

Choose from a range of Baghouse or Reverse Pulse Cartridge Dust Collectors.

Sablage au jet en milieu sec ou en milieu humide

Blasting System

M Series Blast Cabinets are available for a Dry or Wet Blasting System.



Cabinet de sablage avec deux portes de chargement

Door Options & Safety Switches

Chose from a variety of Door Safety Devices & Designs to facilitate the loading/unloading procedures or to protect your workers from being exposed to hazardous dust.

Cabinet de sablage avec revêtement en caoutchouc

Rubber Lining Protection

Protect the integrity of your cabinet and extend its life span with the addition of Rubber Lining Protection.

Cabinet de sablage avec table rotative

Material Handling

We offer a range of Parts Handling Solutions, including turntable, wheel cart, and chain block slot to facilitate heavy parts handling operations.

Pédale sans contact pour cabinet de sablage

Ergonomic Features

Our innovative Ergonomic Features include a No-Contact Pedal, Adjustable Working Height, Tiltable Work Table, and Arm Rest.

Cabinet de sablage avec panier rotatif

Automation Ready

Our blast cabinets can be turned into Semi-Automated Finishing Systems with the addition of a Tumbling Basket, Rotary Head, Fixed Nozzle Support, or Nozzles which move on a horizontal or vertical axel.



We offer a complete line of small / large sandblasting cabinets to address the most demanding surface preparation requirements – from standard design blast cabinets that provide low-cost and quick turnaround, to custom-designed industrial blast systems designed to accomplish the most demanding tasks.

Econoblast Series - Semi-Industrial Sandblasting Cabinets

Econoblast Series - Semi-Industrial Sandblasting Cabinets

Suction blast cabinet designed for light industrial applications.

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ECAB Series – Semi-Industrial Sandblasting Cabinets with Media Reclaimer - ISTblast

ECAB Series - Semi-Industrial Sandblasting Cabinets with Media Reclaimer

Suction blast cabinet designed for regular users and heavy-duty industrial applications.

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Wet Blast Cabinets

Wet Blast Cabinets

Vapor blast cabinet used to produce smoother finish and accomplish low-dust operations.

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ECO 420 – Sandblasting Cabinet for Light-Duty Applications

ECO 420 - Sandblasting Cabinet for Light-Duty Applications

Entry level blast cabinet designed for handyman and occasional users.

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Cabinets de sablage industriels Série M - ISTblast

M Series - Industrial Sandblasting Cabinets

Heavy-duty industrial blast cabinets available with suction or pressure system.

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ISTblast - Portable Sandblasters

Portable Sandblasters

Complete line of pressure aandblasters for job site contractors or indoor sandblast facilities.

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ISTblast - Sandblasting Booth, Abrasive Blast Room

Sandblasting Booths

Custom Engineered Blast Booths with Abrasive Media Recovery System

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ISTblast - Automated Sanblasting System

Automated Sandblasting Systems

Wide range of automated finishing systems to increase productivity and quality of products.

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