IST Pure

Industrial Washers

ISTpure designs and manufactures standard and custom industrial washers including: aqueous cleaning and degreasing systems, solvent and water-parts washers, ultrasonic cleaners, and metal-parts cleaning equipment.

Our industrial washers integrate latest control and automation technologies and are designed to increase productivity or automate cleaning processes. Whether you wish to treat small or large parts, restore parts contaminated by oil and grease, or simply wash off manufacturing oils and residues from machined parts, ISTpure has the cleaning solution for your needs.

Parts Washers - ISTpure

IST manufactures standard and custom aqueous-based and solvent parts-cleaning equipment for diverse industries with manual or automated operations under the trademark ISTpure […]

Ultrasonic Parts Washers - ISTpure

ISTpure’s ultrasonic cleaning technology is a powerful and eco-friendly solution to clean and restore parts in a variety of shapes and sizes, including hard-to-reach blind holes and cavities, in minutes using simply tap water or specialty soaps […]

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