IST Becomes a Manufacturing Agent of Gostol TST

IST has signed an agreement with Gostol TST as their sole distributor, installer, and parts supplier of industrial shot blasters for all of North America.

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What is Shot Blasting?

For those of you who are not familiar with shot blasting, let’s put it this way. Shot blasting is the ideal process for high-volume blasting/peening applications of castings, forged, welded, and heat-treated parts of any dimensions and shapes and also all structural steel.

As opposed to sandblasting process which uses an air-powered blasting nozzle to propel abrasive media with a high degree of precision, shot blasting uses special motorized blast wheels to sling metallic abrasive at a desired RPM over overt parts at a much faster rate and larger coverage.

Motorized Blast Wheel
Shot Blasting
Motorized blast wheel
Air-Powered Blast Nozzle
Air-powered blast nozzle


The Advantages of Gostot TST’s

  1. Wide range of shot blasting equipment, including rotary table, roller conveyor, steel belt, rubber belt, spinner hanger, tumble basket, overhead conveyor, mesh belt, wire blasters, blasters for the entire foundry business and preservation lines.
  2. Wide inventory of spare parts ready to ship within 48 hours of ordering from Quebec, Canada.
  3. Equipment is tested prior to shipment and they come prewired to accelerate the installation.
  4. Meets a wide range of production flow, from piece-by-piece production to batch set and continuous flow production.
  5. Loading/unloading of material can be achieved manually or with a robot, roller conveyor, overhead conveyor, loader, shaker table, etc. 

The addition of shot blasting machines complements our lines of sandblasting equipment and paint/powder-coat rooms allowing IST for meeting a much wider span of metal treatment applications and needs expressed by our customers.

To learn more on the range of shot blasters by Gostol TST, visit the Gostol TST Shot Blasting Machine section.

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