MRS200 Pneumatic Floor Recovery System

ISTblast MRS200 Pneumatic Floor Recovery System is an efficient and inexpensive solution for recovering used abrasive with minimal effort from operator. System is suitable for large or small rooms, and offers flexibility in recovery floor layouts. Abrasive residues must be swept or shoveled into floor hopper to be recovered by system.

This recovery system can handle major light-to-heavy abrasives available on the market today, including heavy media such as aluminum oxide, steel shot, and steel grit. With media recovery capacity of over 2,000 lb. per hour and various floor hopper layouts, this system is designed for maximizing operator productivity while simplifying room cleaning after blasting operations.

This system is equipped with high-efficiency impeller dust collector DCM200.

DCM200 – Motorized Dust Collectors for Abrasive Blast Room Recovery Systems


MRS200 Diagram


ISTblast offers various types of recovery floors adapted according to your available production space and budget. In surface or excavated installations, dimensions can vary from 4 feet in length in compact facilities to over 40 feet for high-output industrial facilities. The configurations are practically infinite!

Shallow and space saving over-floor design, is easy to install and requires limited maintenance. 17” floor excavation is sufficient for existing floors. System can also be installed on concrete floor or on any other permanent or temporary floor.

We manufacture a complete line of Recovery Systems to accommodate sandblasting facilities constraints, and these systems are compatible with our equipment, other manufacturers’ equipment and even with self-made facilities. Good recovery systems respect the 3R fundamentals: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle the abrasive.


Recycling abrasives results in substantial savings in abrasive consumption while protecting the environment from harmful sandblast dust. Because of its fragile molecular structure, non-recyclable media deteriorates quickly while generating harmful residual dust and substantially reducing operator visibility.

Although cost of steel-shot abrasive is about 10 times higher than non-recyclable media, steel shot can be recycled and used up to 100 times, compared to only once with standard media.

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