MRS500 Vacuum Recovery System

ISTblast MRS500 Vacuum Recovery System: inexpensive, easy-to implement and ideal for confined applications such as blasting large tanks and hard-to-spill reservoirs, with handy suction head for vacuuming residual abrasive from floor or hard-to-reach cavities from blasted part. System uses no floor hopper, resulting in less care and maintenance.

MRS500 high performance Vacuum Recovery System consists of:

  • vacuum dust collector
  • abrasive recycler
  • storage hopper
  • one or two pressure vessels
  • suction head to vacuum residual abrasive

This system is equipped with high-efficiency impeller dust collector DCM200.

DCM200 – Motorized Dust Collectors for Abrasive Blast Room Recovery Systems


 MRS500 Diagram

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