Bucket Elevator Recovery System

Bucket Elevator System: the ideal solution for conveying any type of abrasive to recovery system. A key component of our Mechanical Recovery System, the bucket elevator can also be stand-alone recovery system in variety of abrasive blast rooms.

Operator simply shovels or sweeps used abrasives into loading hopper provided. Bucket elevator lifts abrasives to top of media recycling system, where it is then gravity fed through air wash zone. Adjustable airflow provided by single-cartridge dust collector is drawn through falling residual abrasives as it passes through air wash, separating dust from good, reusable abrasive. Dust and fine particles are evacuated to dust collector, while reusable abrasive is returned to pressure vessel to be used again.

To prevent damage to system, a removable coarse-debris screen traps larger waste before it enters blast pot.


Bucket Elevator - Diagram


  • Fully adjustable abrasive air wash system
  • Efficient, simple bucket elevator system delivers abrasive to recovery system.
  • Includes single-cartridge dry-dust collection system with reverse pulse cartridge purging
  • Requires only 240-volt single phase electrical power
  • Can recover up to 10,000 lb of residual abrasive per hour
  • Ideally suited for 6.5 ft³ blast pots (PPB646 not included)
  • Can be used with all types of recyclable abrasives available on the market
  • Easily moved around work site to set up next to blasting area
  • For rough, uneven surfaces, optional stabilizer bars can be attached to elevator baseplate frame

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