Air Filtration Systems for Industrial Processes

IST provides a range of air filtration systems able to capture dust generated from various industrial processes at the source where it is produced. These systems are flexible, self-contained, self-cleaning, and have a relatively small footprint. They can be easily installed anywhere in your shop, and at a low cost since it is unnecessary to connect them with the building duct work.

If you experience airborne contamination problems in your shop, or if your current ventilation system is overloaded, you can count on innovative filtration solutions that can capture up to 99.9% of dust generated from industrial production or transformation processes.

Downdraft Table

DD Series Downdraft TableDowndraft tables collect and capture dust, fumes, and other contaminants in suspension generated from industrial processes, such as welding, grinding, coating, deburring, polishing, or cutting using hand tools. This filtration system is self-contained, self-cleaning, and available in different sizes up to 96″ x 48″ in order to accommodate a variety of applications.

The functioning principle is quite simple. The unit draws air from the shop through a grating work surface using an impeller powered by an electric motor. Then, air is filtered by passing through a series of fire retardant, easily replaceable filtration cartridges located inside the table, then released back into the shop. Therefore, it is not necessary to exhaust filtered air from that system to the building duct work, nor to send it to an auxiliary dust collection system. The cartridges are able to capture 100% of particles down to 0.3 µM in size and, if needed, additional filters – such as HEPA filters – can be added to the exhaust in order to return pure air to the shop. The cartridges are cleaned by pulsing air inside them, which releases the dust and makes it fall to the bottom of the table inside the dust collection drawer, which can be easily emptied.

Various options are available for these systems, such as pneumatic or electrical output to supply hand tools, paint arrestors, spark arrestors, a LED lighting system, over-the-top capture hoods, a wheel system which facilitates relocating the equipment around the shop, and coated grating surfaces that do not damage workpieces and which allow a better adherence.

Airwall Filtration System

Airwall Filtration SystemThe airwall filtration system is a compact unit designed to suck and capture airborne contaminants generated in a confined room from industrial processes. It is a very powerful filtration system with a small footprint and a filtration rate which can yield 99.9%. The main advantage of this self-contained system is that it does not need to be connected to the ducting system or the building, which results in significant savings in its installation costs.

These modular systems offer exceptional filtration efficiency with low air consumption (CFM), which makes them very energy-efficient. Their filtration capacity significantly exceeds the most stringent air quality control requirements (EPA and OSHA).

The cartridges are easily accessible and can be replaced, which facilitates the maintenance of the equipment and extends its service life. Dust can be collected in a dust drawer at the bottom of the unit. The cartridge pulse cleaning system is entirely automated by means of the DCT1000 Sequential Controller. It is delivered with a 5-Year warranty – the longest warranty available in the industry.

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