AC40-160 – Anilox Roll Cleaning Tubs

ISTblast Anilox Cleaning Tubs compatible with Anilox rollers ranging from 40-160” long. Anilox rollers are loaded in cabinet by front door. Operator simply starts operation to activate automated process.

IST has developed a range of Anilox Abrasives specifically designed for this application.

Dust collector associated with this system is DCM160.

DCM100-330 - Dépoussiéreurs motorisés pour cabinets industriels




  • Dust-tight system for clean workplace environment
  • Energy-saving air filtration system in dust collector captures 99% of all particles one micron or larger
  • Standard equipment includes pressure regulator, laminated safety window, automatic cleaning system, abrasive flow control regulator, blow off gun and dust collector with media reclaimer
  • Industry’s best warranty of 2 years on all IST Anilox cleaning system components, with service and maintenance centers available worldwide
  • Complies with or exceeds international safety standards

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