Indexing Turntable

ISTblast series Rotary indexing table machines, available with both suction and pressure, can be manually or automatically loaded in high-volume production applications. Blasting applications range from rugged surface finish to delicate deburring, to shot peening or blast-specific sections.

Basic versions can be equipped with different sized turntables to accommodate parts varying in sizes and shapes.  Bottom of machine designed as hopper that collects circulating blasting media. This material hopper is fitted with discharge buckets connected with blasting guns. After blasting, parts are blown by air nozzles to separate section away from blasting and remove any residual blasting media.

Updraft separator on back of machine catches and separates residual blasting media, dust and light foreign bodies to return only reusable media to nozzle.




  • Can be equipped with 4, 8, or 12 satellites operating completely automatically.
  • Can be used with many different abrasives
  • Turntable speed adjustable
  • Versatile nozzle configurations
  • Nozzles easily adjusted
  • Manual loading & unloading


  • Automatic media feeder for continuous abrasive blasting
  • Grit media classifier for precise control of media size
  • Light curtain for enhanced ergonomics
  • Oscillating nozzle for better blast coverage
  • PLC controller with touch screen
  • Automatic loading & unloading system
  • Shot peening version also available

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