Vibratory Cleaning Tubs

IST’s Vibratory Cleaning Tubs are the most efficient and economical solution for mass cleaning or finishing several workpieces at once. Simply load a batch of workpieces and abrasives in the vibratory tumbler, and the oscillation action will cause the media to rub against the parts which yield the desired result. Depending on the application, this method can be used for cleaning or finishing a set of parts of different materials (metal, plastic, polymer, etc.) using ceramic or aluminum media, in wet or dry process.

Our units are extremely quiet because of their 1″-thick sound-dampening insulation and internally mounted shaker-motor.


Option - Vibratory Cleaning Tubs - ISTblast


  • Most economical method of batch cleaning small quantities of parts;
  • Tumbling parts in ceramic or aluminum media gentle enough to protect delicate parts, yet tough enough to deburr and polish;
  • Soft rubber pads reduce noise and keep shaker from walking – no need to bolt machine to floor;
  • Vibratory tub lined with urethane body liner and manganese end-liners;
  • Totally enclosed shaker tub frame and steel lid;
  • Solvent reservoir;
  • 0-30 minute cycle timer;
  • 3-stage solution separation system; acoustically-insulated cabinet and internally mounted shaker-motor – quietest shakers on the market;
  • Within OSHA noise-level limits

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