Rubber Belt Sandblast Mill

ISTblast rubber belt blaster models 100 to 2000 are ideal for high-speed processing of parts that can be gently tumbled in blast mill’s cushioned rubber cavity.

Excellent performance and superior cleaning, available in standard 1.5, 3, 6, 12, 16 and 20 cubic foot capacities with custom sizing available for specific applications.

Blast Wheel ”VK PowerMax”                                                           

VK PowerMax


  • « ISTblast Guard » belt braking system stops belt rotation to keep parts from tearing belt in event of jam
  • Complete cast chrome/moly lining protects cabinet from abrasive wear for low maintenance and long life;
  • 5-30, HP blast wheel configurations
  • Fully adjustable lip-type air wash separator ensures optimal abrasive cleaning
  • VK PowerMax high velocity, center-fed blast wheel
  • Pneumatic blast cabinet door (Models 600 and 1200 only)


  • Dust collection system
  • Rotary scalp drum for separating slag, ashing and other large contaminants
  • Auxiliary abrasive hopper and low-level sensor
  • Loader for loading blast mill from floor loaded tote
  • UL approved electrical panel
  • Cast chrome drum heads
  • Splice belt available for quick belt replacement, and less maintenance and down time
  • UL approved electrical panel

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