IAC Series – Aerosol Crusher

Can Crusher 5 cans equal 1ISTpaint’s Aerosol Can Crusher is an air-powered unit designed to crush up to four aerosol cans in seconds. This produces significant  savings in money spent for waste material.

Not only does it reduce the size of aerosol can waste by up to 80%, but once processed, the cans are crushed, pierced, and degassed, making them safe for disposal.

Key Features

  • Capacity of four aerosol cans (two or four at a time)
  • Pierces aerosol cans
  • Gases are absorbed by filtration
  • Up to 80% Compaction
  • Can be recycled as non-hazardous waste
  • Safety interlock
  • Maximum aerosol can size: 10¼” height
  • Reduced hazardous waste storage
  • Includes conversion plates to crush paint cans of up to five litres

Interior View

IAC Series - Aerosol Crusher - Interior View

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