The Future Looks Bright with LED Lighting!

IST has reached an important milestone in reducing energy consumption of our sandblasting equipment while improving the visibility for the user thanks to the LED technology.

Advantages of LED versus traditional lighting systems*:

  • Increased visibility reaching up to 65% more lumens
  • Energy consumption of the cabinet lighting system reduced by over 90%
  • Higher productivity and reduced eyestrain caused by lighting condition
  • Extended life of the lighting system (LED: 50,000 hours VS traditional lighting: 10,000 hours)
  • Five times less frequent replacement of the bulb
  • Reduction of the heating generated by the lighting system and better compatibility with plastic abrasive media

*Estimation based on a standard cabinet with a compact fluorescent lamp lighting system

Standard on all our equipment
From now on, all new equipment manufactured by IST will be built with a LED lighting system at no extra cost for the customer.

Abrasive Blast Room LED Lighting System Sandblasting Cabinet LED Lighting System LED Sanblasting Lamp
Abrasive Blast Room Sandblast Cabinet Sandblast Hose
(optional accessory)


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