Nuclear Waste Shot Blasting Machine Installed in North Carolina

IST is proud to share with you a first successful Gostol TST‘s shotblasting project in North Carolina (USA).

This P-Series Roller Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine is installed in a company that specializes in delivering safe and error-free used fuel storage for the nuclear industry. The shot blaster is used for shotblasting plates that are used to manufacture nuclear waste containers.

Gostol TST P-Series Shot Blaster General View
Gostol TST P-Series Shot Blaster HMIGostol TST P-Series Shot Blaster Loading The Part
Gostol TST P-Series Shot Blaster BeforeGostol TST P-Series Shot Blaster After

A great solution for shotblasting steel plates when space is limited.

It is a special version of the P-Series roller conveyor shot blasting machine, because it is designed for space saving. This is not a continuous pass thru production blaster.

The working space is limited within the customers facility so loading/unloading of the plates from the entrance point of the blaster was necessary.

Watch this beauty in action!

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