IST Pure

Paint Spraying

IST provides a complete line of equipment used to apply and cure liquid paint, as well as to maintain spraying equipment to commercial and industrial companies operating in the field of industrial coating and painting. ISTpaint’s specialized solutions are designed to optimize the application and curing process of various paint and functional coating products, while minimizing your operating and industrial waste management costs.

Our solutions include spray booths equipped with the latest technologies and designs in terms of tempered air supply and circulation in order to maximize the bonding and curing performance of your industrial coating processes. We also supply a range of auxiliary equipment used to maintain your spray equipment and to better manage your waste (paint containers of any sizes, waste solvent and aerosol cans).

Paint Spray Booths - ISTpaintDiscover our range of high-quality paint spray booths designed to apply and cure liquid paint with precision.

Spray Gun Cleaners - ISTpaintTake advantage of the advanced washing capabilities of our spray gun cleaning machines in order to increase your painters’ productivity and the maintenance of your paint-spraying equipment.

Paint Pail Washers - ISTpaintPW Series paint pail washers are designed to provide a fully automated and efficient wash cycle of the interior and exterior of paint pails in of the conventional sizes.

Paint Can Crushers - ISTpaintOur pneumatic and hydraulic can crushers allow to reduce the volume of coating and thinner containers of all conventional sizes by over 80%.

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