Parts & Abrasives

We’ve got everything in stock for your surface treatment needs, from abrasive media to replacement parts for your equipment: blasting guns, ceramic, tungsten carbide and boron carbide nozzles, blast hoses, couplings, breathing systems, and much more.

Refer to Parts Catalog for replacement parts on sandblasting cabinets, portable sandblasters, hoses, nozzles and valves, pressure and suction, security equipment, abrasives and accessories.

IST offers a comprehensive selection of premium quality abrasive media for the sandblasting industry. We offer spherical and angular media of various grit sizes (MESH) to address an array of blasting applications, including surface preparation, scale removal and surface remediation.

IST offers a wide range of sandblasting accessories: ceramic, tungsten carbide, boron carbide as well as silicon carbide sandblast nozzles with long or double Venturi; sandblast hoses of different sizes preassembled with fittings and accessories for our cabinets and portable sandblasters.

You’ll find all relevant accessories for your portable sandblaster, such as pneumatic or electrical remote controls, auxiliary blast lamps and upgrade kits for more blasting power.

You’ll find all relevant accessories for your cabinet, such as sandblast guns and protection gloves, as well as optional security features.

IST offers a wide selection of security equipment compatible with our equipment and other industrial-type equipment potentially harmful to the operator. See our blast suits, hoods, air fed protective hoods, air purification and monitoring systems, as well as security accessories for our equipment.

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