Did you know: IST offers custom blast rooms and paint booths to meet your specific needs!

Are you in the market for a sandblasting booth?

None of the standard, out of the box options from other manufacturers meet your specific needs?

You’ve finally arrived a the right place!

IST Surface Technologies designs and manufactures custom sandblasting booths to almost any size, with a ton of different options, to meet each client’s specific needs!

Here are a few reasons you should definitely consider IST for your blast room project:
  • Custom designs and configuration
  • Full integration with other key components such as parts handling systems and/or paint booths
  • Unique and innovative controls for ease of use
  • Over 40 years of industry experience
  • One-stop shop for all your sandblasting needs

Keep reading to learn exactly what sets IST sandblasting rooms apart from the competition, and why IST is the leader in custom sandblasting booths. 

What makes IST Surface sandblasting booths unique?

Fully Integrated Sandblast Booths

IST Surface is the only manufacturer in North America that offers fully integrated blast rooms.

Our blast rooms can be designed and built to integrate seamlessly with other components of your operation such as parts handling systems, and even your paint booth.

The benefits of a fully integrated system include:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Minimization of floor space used
  • Better overall results

We can integrate your sandblasting booth many different components including the following:

  • Parts Handling Systems
  • Abrasive Media Recovery Systems
  • Paint Booths
  • Preparation Rooms
  • Dust Collection and Filtration Systems
  • Storage Hoppers
And more!

Unique and innovative controls

One of our unique innovations, and a highly appreciated feature from our clients, is our remote depressurization switch. 

The remote depressurization switch allows operators to depressurize the system from within the sandblasting booth, allowing them to refill the media reservoir without having to exit their work area, or remove their safety equipment. 

This not only increases efficiency, but it also increases operator job satisfaction, as they do not need to waste time running in and out of the booth, or putting on and removing their safety equipment. 

This switch was developed in-house by our engineering team, and is unique to IST Surface Technologies sandblasting booths.

Of course, we can’t disclose our entire secret recipe, but the remote depressurization switch is a good example of our continuous innovation, and our commitment to making our sandblasting booths the best on the market.  

ISTblast - Remote Depresurization Switch

Custom Design and Configuration

Most manufacturers offer a few models of blast rooms of various sizes, for different applications. But that’s it. 

If you need a specific size, layout or configuration, oftentimes you will have to adjust your expectations or requirements, and make a choice from one of the off the shelf options. 

Although IST also offers multiple off the shelf options for our blast rooms, many of our customers have specific requirements, and we are able to design and build custom solutions to meet their needs. 

From add-ons and optional equipment, to the size and layout of your blast room, our engineering team is able to put together custom solutions for your specific project. 

If you aren’t considering IST for your blast room, you might be making your life more difficult than needed.

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