Safety Equipment

IST is proud to distribute RPB Safety‘s world’s most advanced respirators for blasters, painters, and welders, as well as airline filtration systems and personal protection equipment (PPE) to keep your workers safe and comfortable.

RPB Safety Respiratory Protection

Blasting Respirators

RPB Safety’s blasting respirators are industry leading technologies in terms or respiratory protection for industrial and recreational sandblasters.

Painting Respirators

RPB Safety’s painting respirators provide the industry’s largest sight view and most comfortable head support system, thanks to the adjustable head harness allowing for even weight distribution.

Welding & Manufacturing Respirators

RPB Safety’s welding and manufacturing respirators are multipurpose respirators that could be used for welding and grinding applications, or to protect your workers during any manufacturing dusty processes.

Airline Filtration, Monitoring, and Supply

RPB Safety provides full range of air supply, filtration, and moitoring systems to help you provide Grade-D air quality to your workers.


The PX5 Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR) is a portable motorised air purifying unit that provides comfort, agility, and freedom of movement to workers who wear it.


Ultralight Blast Suit

Designed for comfort without compromising protection. Made of durable nylon with breathable zones to help keeping the blaster cool.

Heavy-Duty Blast Suit

Designed for durability and extreme protection. Made of premium quality leather and breathable cotton.

Blast Gloves

High-quality leather blast gloves with Kevlar stiching.

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