Portable Sandblasters

ISTblast’s Portable Sandblasters are renowned for their performance, versatilitydurability, and reliability in a wide variety of industrial applications. Our line of Portable Pressure Blasters can tackle any of your sandblasting needs and are built with components made for a long service life.


Heavy-Duty Construction – Made with an indestructible pressure vessel and rugged valves, piping, and fittings which last for years.

Precise Media Flow Control – Equipped with a manual abrasive metering valve which enables accurate control of the air/media mix for optimal performance.

Versatility – Can be used with most abrasive media available on the market and offers a wide range of working pressure to address any surface preparation or blast cleaning application.

Choice of Depressurization Systems – Choose from an auto-depress, pressure hold, or combo system for optimal productivity in your application.

Field-Replaceable Components – All components can be easily adjusted or replaced on-field with basic tools, which is meant to minimize downtimes.

Low Pressure Drop – Fitted with industry-leading control valves and plumbing meant to avoid pressure losses which negatively impact productivity.

Portability – Units can be easily moved around the shop or on the field, thanks to the rugged all-terrain rubber wheels (optional on PPB-846D, PPB-1046, and PPB-2046).

Certified – All of our pressure vessels are approved for a Maximum Allowed Working Pressure of 150 psig @ 250°F (approved by ASME).


Industrial blasting facilities (indoor or outdoor)

Shipyard maintenance and rebuilding

Storage tanks, pressure vessels, and pipe cleaning and maintenance

Automotive and heavy vehicle maintenance and repair

Railway and container maintenance and repair

Blasting contractor jobs on site

Building and civil construction (road and bridge) maintenance and repair

Petroleum and oil pipeline maintenance

Agricultural, mining, and construction machinery maintenance and repair


Pressure Vessel Range

Size range includes 3.4, 6.4, 10.4, 20.4, and double-tank 2 X 8 cu. ft. pressure vessels.

Abrasive Metering Valve

Featuring industry standard media flow control valves, including MMV-176, and AR-7.

Remote Control

Available with a choice of electric (12V or 120V) or pneumatic Deadman remote control.

Choice of Depressurization System

Choose from an RC-176 Pressure Release System, an RC-186 Pressure Hold System, or an RC-176/186 Combo System with a remote switch for the best of both worlds.

Air Inlet Quality

Air inlet is equipped with a water separator and a pressure regulator to ensure the supply of optimal air quality.


MaxBlast Series

Benefit from full-flow 1 ½” piping and valves to increase pressure at the nozzle and reduce pressure loss in order to optimize blasting performance.

Blaster Starter Kits

Get fully equipped with our Blast Hose Package and our RPB Air Breathing Package as you get started.

Outdoor Package

Protect your pressurized vessel and air valves from the infiltration of rain and solid contaminants which may damage your unit.


We offer a complete line of pressure blast pots which can be used for contractor jobs on field, in a blast booth, or anywhere where the job needs to be done! They are available in different pressure tank sizes, made of industrial components, and offered with many features to choose from in order to tackle the most demanding sandblasting tasks.


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