Technical Training and Workshops

We also offer tailor training programs and workshops for beginners as well as for advanced users.      

In addition to the startup initial training, we offer ongoing training for distributors and end users of our systems, as well as group workshops and training videos.

Our training covers the following topics:

  • Industrial Sandblasting
    • Abrasive media and technologies
    • Air consumption and requirements
    • Blasting nozzle types and features
    • Pressure VS suction blasting
    • Blasting equipment types
    • Technical drawings and part/component description
    • Installation specifications and drawings
    • Sandblasting related systems (dust collectors, air wall systems, etc.)
    • Automation and Human-Machine-Interface (HMI)
  • Solvent Recycling
    • Basics and main advantages of recycling your solvent instead of hiring Hazardous Waste Contractor
    • Solvent types and how they affect your system/process
    • Batch type VS automatic recycling system
    • Solvent recycling equipment types
    • Solvent recycler related systems (vacuum)
    • Legal concerns and certifications
  • Part washers
    • Overview of spray gun washers
    • Overview of water part washers
    • Overview of solvent part washers
    • Overview of ultrasonic cleaners

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