Recycling Waste Cleaning Solvent

Is your shop using solvent to clean manufactured products, tools, or equipment?

If so, you must be using a significant amount of cleaning solvents and degreasing agents, which means you spend a lot of money on both solvent purchases and disposal costs. Not to mention the need to store hazardous materials in your shop, dealing with demanding EPA paperwork, putting your staff at risk while moving hazardous materials, and the negative impact on the environment.

Well, not anymore. ISTpure’s line of Solvent Recyclers provides the ideal solution to reclaim and recover your waste solvents through a controlled and self-sustaining solvent distillation process with no supervision required. With our systems, you will be able to separate pure solvent from grease and other stubborn contaminants with optimal efficiency, safety, and consistent quality. Depending on the components included in the substance, you should expect recovery rates yielding from 95% to 99.9%.

Some Facts

Hydrocarbon solvents are very efficient degreasing agents used to clean metal surfaces. However, using them on a regular basis can become costly and put operators at risk when it comes to handling drums full of waste or pure solvents. Used and contaminated solvents are a serious environmental problem if they are not disposed of properly. The disposal of contaminated solvents can be outsourced to waste contracting service companies, but this requires time, internal resources, and lots of EPA paperwork.

Do you buy recycled solvents from waste management companies thinking it is right for the environment?

Think twice. If we input the emission of greenhouse gases produced for the transportation of several hundreds of waste solvent drums across the nation, this practice ends up not being so helpful anymore. Also, cross-contamination of your solvents with others results in poor-quality recycled solvents, which may affect the performance of your cleaning operations.

Recycling your solvents onsite with the proper equipment is the ONLY way to keep your production costs as low as possible, while significantly reducing your environmental footprint.

Benefits of Recycling your Dirty Solvents Onsite

ISTpure’s line of solvent recyclers provides an environmentally friendly solution for safely recovering waste solvents from industrial cleaning processes.

The main benefit of recycling your own solvents in-house is savings! By recycling your own solvents, you can save on both new solvent purchases and disposable waste solvent fees. Simply put, the machine pays for itself in only a few months.

Most of our clients have experienced a payback time of less than a year! Estimate yours today, use our ROI Calculator.

Furthermore, our systems can be connected to your cleaning equipment and set to work in a fully automated process. This eliminates the need to move hazardous waste in your shop and expose your employees to hazardous solvent fumes.

Benefits of ISTpure solvent distillers:

  • Reduce the cost of your new solvent purchases by up to 90%
  • Reduce your waste solvents disposal costs by up to 95%
  • Eliminate the needs to store hazardous materials
  • Reduce your company’s ecological footprint
  • Eliminate your EPA reporting liability
  • Reduce health risks for the employees
  • Stop relying on your supplier and reduce your lead time

How does it work?

Our technology is based on a distillation process used to effectively separate contaminants (paint, resins, ink, grease, oil, etc.) from solvents. Since the distillation process does not affect the chemical structure of the solvent, there is no limit to how often a solvent mix can be recycled.  The end result is a very efficient cleaning solvent that meets the original solvent’s performance and comes across with no contaminant-based colour.

We always evaluate your solvents’ and contaminants’ MSDS sheets prior to recommending the proper system. IST can also run a test in our facility to validate the process’ feasibility and efficiency.

To find out more about the list of solvent products compatible  with our distillation units, visit the Solvent Distillation Process.

ISTpure’s Line of Solvent Recyclers

IST is a leading manufacturer of solvent distillation and reclaiming units. We have a large variety of equipment to choose from to handle the needs of a wide variety of applications and output volumes:

All our equipment is automation-ready and almost maintenance-free. It is explosion-proof and requires very little expertise to operate. It is QPS-certified to UL standard 2208 in Canada and the U.S. for class I, Div.1, Group D hazardous locations.

Standard components:

  • Built with a strong 304-grade stainless steel tank insulated with 4” polyurethane on the side wall and bottom.
  • Explosion-proof electrical heater and heat transfer oil for optimal indirect heating.
  • Working temperature of up to 210 ºC / 410 ºF.
  • Process parameters are regulated by programmable logic controllers (PLC) and interfaced with an intuitive, touch panel human-machine interface (HMI).
  • Meet NFPA codes (30,33, and 70) and International Fire Codes (IFC).

Optional Components:

  • Vacuum-assisted system
  • Auto-fill transfer kit
  • All stainless steel components
  • External alarm light box
  • Overfill protection
  • Oil cooling system
  • Lifting arm for the collection of heavy sludge residue

We have over 1,000 units in operation around the globe, and counting. Major paint shops, thermos plastic manufacturers, printers, and manufacturing facilities take advantage of our solvent recovery systems to both save money and reduce their hazardous waste.

Stop Spending Too Much on Solvent Products!

Contact your IST representative today to find out more about our line of solvent recycling systems, or calculate your expected payback time by filling out our Online Return on Investment tool.

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