Acquisition Announcement: Kresco Solutions Inc. Acquires International Surface Technologies (IST) 

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Behind our products, IST is first and foremost a team of highly skilled engineers and designers dedicated to designing the most advanced and reliable systems to address our customers’ issues in an array of industrial processes. We design standard low-cost systems as well as custom solutions to provide the ideal equipment to overcome any industrial challenge.

We work with state-of-the-art 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) technology to conceive the best design possible in order to reduce overall costs of system manufacturing and maintenance. Furthermore, our global sourcing strategy with long-term suppliers optimizes our supply chain, minimizes our inventory levels and reduces our production lead-time beyond industry standards.

Retrofit & Upgrades

You can rest assure that your system is built to last and will stay current for years to come!

Process Testing & Development

It’s simple: tell us what needs to be done and we make it happen!

Multidisciplinary Expertise

IST has multidisciplinary expertise and a solid track of records of over 40 years in turnkey engineered solutions from conception to fabricated systems.

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