• Durable: Built with robust, corrosion-free 304 and 316 stainless-steel construction.
  • Safety: Highest level of safety C1D1 certified and Class I | Div | Group D Explosion Proof.
  • Tank sizes: Available in 60, 120, 210, 680, 1,515, and 1,890+ liters sizes.
  • Effective: Recover up to 95% of available solvent from the waste mix.
  • Fully Automated Process: Everything is automated, from filling of clean solvent, to discharge of sludge, to temperature control in between.
  • Assisted by PLC: Operate on a fully automated process assisted by a touchscreen PLC with predetermined parameter settings and built-in alarm signals.


  • Touchscreen Allen Bradley PLC
  • Safety Features and Temperature Controls
  • Class I | Div | Group D Explosion Proof
  • Automatic filling
  • Automatic clean solvent discharge
  • Automatic waste sludge discharge
  • Anti-spill sensors
  • Remote Ethernet or wifi PLC access
  • Two (2) sight glasses
  • Electric heating thermal oil jacket


  • Dual automatic filling
  • Dual container collection
  • Oil cooling
  • Purge box
  • Intrinsically safe tablet computer
  • Cellular access PLC
  • Explosion-proof lighting
  • Liquid ring vacuum assistance
  • Nitrocellulose safety features
  • Internal scraper
  • Water / Solvent separator
  • Maintenance platform
  • Automatic sludge pump out
  • Fractionation tower
  • 25% + Energy savings package


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