GG Series – Rubber Belt Tumble Shot Blasting Machine

Rubber belt tumble shot blasters are designed for batch cleaning or peening applications on castingsforgingswelding, and heat-treated parts which can be tumbled and withstand part-on-part friction. The rubber belt allows for gentle tumbling of parts (usually 3-5 RPM) so that all surfaces get exposed to the abrasive blast stream.

They can be used for shot blasting of castings, forged and pressed parts, and cold or hot formed parts varying in complexity and shapes (ex. springs, etc.) in sizes. Although they are usually used in batch cycles, they can also be integrated in a fully automatic production with the addition of loading/unloading devices.

The key advantage of this small footprint shot blaster is the small standoff distance between the workpieces and the blast wheels, which provides high-quality blasting while using up to 50%-80% less energy compared to spinner hanger type shot blasters.

GG Series shot blasters are extremely versatile and adaptable to different types of parts and applications. Tumblers can process a single fill or a set of small workpieces up to 500 l / 2,200 lb.

How it Works

Parts are loaded inside the blasting area in an endless caterpillar rubber belt that forms a drum. The abrasive is propelled by the ir sm@rt multi-option blast wheels ranging from 5.5 to 30 kW located above the belt.

During the blasting cycle, the caterpillar moves, causing the parts to tumble, turn, and rotate over one another so that their entire surface is evenly and efficiently exposed to the blast stream. To unload parts from the tumbler, the rubber belt rotation is switched in the opposite direction.

In a fully automated production process, parts are loaded by the means of hydraulic skip loader tailored to the customer’s specifications. When finished, parts are discharged either onto a vibratory or belt unload channel conveyor and diverted to the next working station or a customer provided tote below the belt.

Abrasive media reclaiming system

After use, residual abrasive media falls down the bottom of the blasting chamber, where it is conveyed by screw conveyors and a bucket elevator to an automatic media cleaner.

The abrasive reclaimer provides continuous handling and recycling of abrasive media based on particle size in order to maintain optimal and consistent quality blasting.

For heavily regulated applications, a magnetic and/or vibratory particle separator can be added to precisely sort the abrasive shots based on their size and density.

Standard Features

All shot blasters are equipped with PLC, display, timer, automatic or manual mode, automatic start-up of the blast wheels, working-hours counter, and other basic features.

Blast wheels and blasting chamber inner walls are protected by wear-resistant shields made from manganese steel liners for extremely long service life.

Optional Features

Blast wheels can be equipped with a frequency drive and ir sm@rt valve to precisely control the flow of media for optimal results.

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