UC 2013D2 – Dual Ultrasonic Cleaner – 2 x 23 Gal

UC 2013D2 Industrial Ultrasonic Washer is a robust station on wheels, designed to wash and restore medium-to-large-sized parts.  Washer has two 23-gallon tanks to immerse 2 different batches of parts while its powerful ultrasonic pulse system cleans them inside-out, including cavities and hard-to-reach blind holes, all with minimum effort from the operator. Washer also comes with dual cartridge, surface skimming filtration system and overflow tank.

ISTpure Ultrasonic Washers line is compatible with Puretech’s exclusive formula all-purpose detergents, available in different formats and strengths. Wash temperature and cycle length entirely programmable with 7-day  timer to fit your work schedule.


  • All polished stainless-steel construction
  • Adjustable Ultrasonic Power with sweep function
  • 40 kHz dual bonded transducers
  • Programmable controls for types of ultrasonic cleaning
  • Digital temperature controller
  • Leveling devices
  • Two (2) tank-length parts baskets
  • Drain shelves
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • 1 year warranty on entire unit
  • 7-day programmable heat timer to fit your work schedule
  • Insulated tank for faster heat up & energy savings
  • Wheels with locking casters & leveling devices
  • Filtration system: dual cartridge with surface skimming and overflow tank
  • Low-level sensors

Ultrasonic Parts Washers (ISTpure)

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