Air Make-Up Unit

Air make-up units (AMU) are used to replenish fresh air into the paint booth to stabilize its pressure as air is being exhausted. Direct-fire heaters and other energy-efficient technologies can be added to AMU to supply temperature-controlled air to the spray booth in order to provide painters with a comfortable work environment, as well as to accelerate the paint drying/curing time for booths equipped with bake mode.

ISTpaint offers a variety of energy-saving indoor or outdoor Air Make-Up configurations that can minimize the operation costs of the paint booth by taking into account key factors affecting the air quality – such as the size of the booth, local climate, cycle times, and temperature set points. Our units can come factory-set in either positive or negative pressure configurations, and can be field-adjusted to accommodate the full range of application duties that may be required.

Key Features

1. Direct fired and indirect fired heating systems
2. 100% fresh air control systems
3. Bake Mode recirculation
4. Prep Mode
5. Spray Mode recirculation
6. Pulse control system

Single Stage (Constant and Variable Volume) Units
Single Stage AMUs provide a constant rate of warm fresh outside-air into the spray booth and use direct-fire heaters to heat air at the source at a specific temperature set point. Our systems are 99% efficient due to the fact that all heat generated from the heaters is directly introduced into the supply-air stream of the spray booth, with very low heat loss.

Dual Stage – Hi/Low – Dual Temperature Make-Up Air Units
With the same 99% efficiency as our Single Stage AMU, Dual Stage AMUs allow the customer to switch between high and low speed, each with a unique temperature set point. This configuration is ideal for applications that have dual speed or heat requirements and provide an economical alternative to Recirculating Heaters.

Recirculating Units
As opposed to Single Stage and Dual Stage AMUs which exclusively draw in outside air to supply the paint booth, Recirculating Units allow for a majority of pre-heated filtered air (approx. 80%) to be drawn into the paint booth supply-air stream while only using a small portion (approx.. 20%) of fresh outside-air. This configuration is the most cost-effective and energy-efficient solution of the three – it significantly reduces the amount of gas required, since that the air comes across the burner already pre-heated. Optional sensors can be installed to monitor heat, pressure, and other variables in order to provide a truly energy-efficient industrial heating unit.

Optional Control Upgrades

  • Digital differential pressure sensor with clogged filter warning lights in panel
  • Low and High-Gas Pressure Switches
  • Outside-air ambient temperature sensor with automatic burner control
  • Supply-air ducting kits
  • Burner/spray-booth interlock kit
  • Motor Soft Starters
  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)

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