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Sandblasting Equipment

IST uses cutting-edge technologies in air-powered abrasive blasting systems to respond to the high expectations of our customers. Our modern design, testing and manufacturing facilities were specifically created to adhere to the stringent standards of American aluminum, steel and aeronautic industries.

IST designs, installs, inspects, tests and certifies new surface treatment equipment, as well as older surface treatment equipment you may already use. IST customers are well served by our large inventory and knowledgeable technical personnel who are always available to assist you. IST employees take great pride in maintaining our reputation for quality.

Abrasive Blast Room - ISTblast

IST is a leader in its field of design, fabrication and installation of abrasive blast rooms. Depending on your surface treatment requirements, we can provide a complete turnkey solution […]

Sandblasting Cabinets - ISTblast

IST manufactures superior quality sandblasting cabinets that combine performance, versatility and durability. No wonder our cabinets have been approved for industrial applications in cutting-edge industries […]

Portable Sandblasters - ISTblast

IST has been the leader in surface treatment equipment for over 40 years. ISTblast PPB Series Portable Sandblasters are well known for their performance, versatility, durability and reliability in a wide variety of industrial applications […]

Automated Sandblasting Systems - ISTblast

Whatever your industry or application, our automated sandblasting equipment will increase your productivity, produce consistent quality and control your production costs […]

Wet Blast Systems - ISTblast

ISTblast offers a complete line of wet blast cabinets custom designed for your application. In wet blasting, water-abrasive mixture is used resulting in smoother finish and less dust inside cabinet […]

Shot Peening Systems - ISTblast

ISTblast has a reputation for expertise and state-of-the-art shot peening systems in the aviation world..Leaders in this field, such as Boeing, Rolls Royce, Pratt and Whitney […]

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