Equipment Rental

Our Portable Pressure Blasters PPB 346 and PPB 646 are now available for lease on a weekly basis, monthly basis or custom leasing periods upon request.

Equipment are configured with 12V DC Pressure Release System which is ideal for frequent on/off operations and for users with minimal experience in sandblasting.

With IST’s extensive variety of blasting media and sandblasting accessories, you can be rested that you will get everything you need to get the job done at minimum cost!

 ♦  Bridges & RoadsRent a Portable Sandblaster
 ♦  Civil Engineering
 ♦  Maritime Projects
 ♦  Mining & Quarries
 ♦  Building & Construction
 ♦  Transport Fleet Maintenance
 ♦  Heavy Equipment Maintenance
 ♦  Petrolium, Chemical, and Food Tanks


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