KOM Series – Bogie Shot Blasting Machine

Bogie shot blasting machines are designed for batch processing or single production of individual or small sets of large and heavy castings, with complicated shapes.

Like the K Series Rotary Table Shot Blasters, parts are installed on a rotating table that spins during the blasting process to help expose all surfaces to the blast stream. The difference is that, rather than loading/unloading workpieces inside the blasting chamber, the rotating table is loaded on a heavy-duty trolley that travels in and out the blasting chamber to help load very large and heavy pieces by the use of lifting devices (crane, lift truck).

This machine is suitable for short run or single production on one side at the time. The parts must be flipped and blasted again to process both sides.

The rotating table is perforated to let abrasive media fall through and be collected in the reclaiming system. To help protecting the integrity of the table and optimize the process, it is recommended that the table surface is covered with workpieces as much as possible.

How it works

Parts are loaded on a rotating table on tip truck with material handling devices. Then, they are introduced inside the blasting chamber where they are exposed to a set of blast wheels installed in optimal angles while the table rotates to provide a complete coverage of the surface.

The blasting process starts automatically when the door closes, and the rotating table reaches its correct position inside the chamber. The shot blasting process duration and the table rotation speed are controlled by a program to optimize and reproduce the process with optimal quality and efficiency.

Abrasive media reclaiming system

After use, residual abrasive media falls through the perforated working table to the bottom of the blasting chamber, where it is conveyed by screw conveyors and a bucket elevator to an automatic media cleaner.

The abrasive reclaimer provides continuous handling and recycling of abrasive media based on particle size in order to maintain optimal and consistent quality blasting.

For heavily regulated applications, a magnetic and/or vibratory particle separator can be added to precisely sort the abrasive shots based on their size and density.

Standard Features

All shot blasters are equipped with PLC, display, timer, automatic or manual mode, automatic start-up of the blast wheels, working-hours counter, and other basic features.

Blast wheels and blasting chamber inner walls are protected by wear-resistant shields made from manganese steel liners for extremely long service life.

Continuous tumble belt blast machine can be equipped with variable frequency drive of the cylinder drive and sensors system for blade wear.

Optional Features

Blast wheels can be equipped with a frequency drive and ir sm@rt valve to precisely control the flow of media for optimal results.

Bogie blast machine - KOM

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