PP Series – Wheel Rims Shot Blasting Machine

Wheel rims shot blasters are dedicated for blast cleaning wheel rims varying in sizes. This system is typically used for restoring steel rims and reconditioning rims in order to extend their lifespan.

This shot blaster can be used to remove clear coat off aluminum rims but may require a pre-process first to accomplish this task and a variable speed blast wheel to not distort the rim.  A special dust collector will also be required for the processing of aluminum rims.

Shot blasting rims allows for removing rust, paint, clear coat and minor defects, and provide the ideal surface preparation prior to a coating job, with altering or damaging their surface. The reconditioning process can be repeated several times since it does not affect the strength of the wheel, and therefore its compliance with the Highway Safety Code.

How it Works

Wheel rims are loaded on rotating shafts inside the blasting chamber. During the shot blasting, rims are in constant rotation and exposed to a set of two ir sm@rt multi-option blast wheels ranging from 5.5 to 30 kW, providing efficient shot blasting and quick results.

One wheel has oscillating output for optimal exposure of the rims. The rotation speed and process duration can be programmed in order to provide a fully automated process.

Wheels can be loaded manually by the operator, or by the means of a pneumatic loader.

Abrasive media reclaiming system

After use, residual abrasive media falls down the bottom of the blasting chamber, where it is conveyed by screw conveyors and a bucket elevator to an automatic media cleaner.

The abrasive reclaimer provides continuous handling and recycling of abrasive media based on particle size in order to maintain optimal and consistent quality blasting.

For heavily regulated applications, a magnetic and/or vibratory particle separator can be added to precisely sort the abrasive shots based on their size and density.

Standard Features

All shot blasters are equipped with PLC, display, timer, automatic or manual mode, automatic start-up of the blast wheels, working-hours counter, and other basic features.

Blast wheels and blasting chamber inner walls are protected by wear-resistant shields made from manganese steel liners for extremely long service life.

Optional Features

Blast wheels can be equipped with a frequency drive and ir sm@rt valve to precisely control the flow of media for optimal results.

Shot blasting machine for blasting of rim wheels

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