Waterbone Paint Drying System

The ISTpaint Waterborne Paint Drying System is a self-contained system designed for any spray booth sizes. Its unique design can accommodate large to complex painted surfaces and delivers a fast drying mea time.

The system takes in air from the spray booth cabin through an intake filter controlled by a blower. The air is then delivered evenly onto the painted surface from a set of nozzles horizontally mounted at the gable of the spray booth.

The blower is activated from a manual motor starter available in all voltages. The standard system comes with a 208V/230V 3 phase motor starter, but other voltages and single phase configurations are available as options.

Waterborne Paint Drying System - Parts Diagram

How It Works

This system relies on the combination of two patent pending technologies in order to create the ideal turbulence in order to accelerate the curing process of waterborne paint.

  1. Nozzles with Twist Inserts: First, we twist the airflow in a cork screw fashion as the air leaves the nozzle. Nozzles only need to be set up once according to the room configuration.
  2. Blower with Pulse Generator: The second component is the pulsing of the airflow. This method is very efficient in creating turbulence without blowing dry over-spray onto the painted surface.

Waterborne Paint Drying System

As the front of the high pressure pulse contacts the vehicle, the air tumbles downwards, pulling air with relative low humidity right onto the surface of the paint.

Turbulence caused by the paint drying system

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