Ergonomic features for blast cabinets

IST offers a variety of pre-engineered ergonomic solutions to increase comfort and reduce the risk of fatigue or injury when working with the blast cabinet for several hours. Available only with the M Series Industrial Blast Cabinets range.

No-Contact Foot Pedal Kit for Blast Cabinet

The no-contact foot pedal significantly reduces strain on the operator’s back. This innovative pedal allows you to operate the blast cabinet by simply sliding your foot inside the pedal box. The laser signal detects the foot and activates the blasting operations. Traditional foot-operated blast guns require the operator to step on the pedal, which causes fatigue and back pain when working for an extended period of time.

ISTblast - No Contact Pedal for Blast Cabinet

Blast cabinet Wide Opening Gloves

Gloves with a wide opening and oval-shape gloves are ideal for blast cabinets used by several employees of varying sizes. This one-size-fits-all glove openings allows every single operator to work at optimal height, without causing fatigue on the shoulders and back.

ISTblast - Wide Opening Gloves for Blast Cabinet

Tilting Turntable

When working on relatively large or complex parts, a tilting worktable can facilitate access to hard-to-reach blind spots. It also helps the operator to maintain an ergonomic posture while working around the part.

ISTblast - Tilting Turntable for Blast Cabinet

Elevating Work Platform

Our self-supporting lifting platform provides the ideal working height for any worker to work long hours without fatigue. This platform is operated by an electric motor available in all voltages.

ISTblast - Elevating Work Platform for Blast Cabinet

Adjustable Armrests

Adjustable armrests easily fold to the cabinet to save floor space. They allow the operator to blast in a more comfortable posture, reducing back stress caused by long hours of working with extended arms.

ISTblast - Arm Rest for Blast Cabinet

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