Ultrasonic Cleaners

Introducing the new range of Ultrasonic Cleaners by ISTpure: powerful and eco-friendly solutions for cleaning and restoring parts in a variety of shapes and sizes in just minutes using tap water or specialty soaps.

Ultrasonic cleaning uses cavitation bubbles induced by high-frequency sound waves (usually between 20 and 400 kHz) to agitate a fluid. Agitation exerts strong friction on contaminants adhering to substrates, removing them from surfaces and cavities.

ISTpure high performance ultrasonic cleaning equipment is for specialized industries that require clean, sanitized and/or ultra-smooth tools, parts and instruments. Our washers meet the highest standards and are second to none in the industry.

We are constantly improving our designs to keep our equipment at the cutting edge of the ultrasonic washing industry, and we offer dedicated technical service to each and every IST client. In addition to putting our customers first, we are fully committed to environmentally friendly practices. We know the method and machinery you use may be what sets your company apart from its competitors, so removing unwanted and unseen residue is of paramount importance. We take this to heart and strive to provide our customers with the best and most affordable ultrasonic washing solutions on the market.

You can count on ISTpure ultrasonic cleaners to remove oil, grease, dust and other stubborn dirt. Our solutions give you cleaner parts with less effort.


Aerospace & Aviation
Automotive & Transportation
Industrial Machines
Medical Equipment
Metal Finishing
Printing & 3D Printing
Specialty Cleaning
Tools & Machining


Disaster Recovery
Industrial Manufacturing
Cleaning & Degreasing Industrial Parts
Light-Duty Vehicle & Heavy Equipment Mechanics
Equipment & Tool Maintenance
Cleaning Molds
Refurbishment & Repair Workshops
Polishing & Metal Finishing


Increased Productivity

Reduces labor costs
Hands-free cleaning
Programmable controls for automated cleaning cycles
Minimizes hazardous waste

Precision Cleaning – Fast and Effective

Cleans variety of parts and surfaces (metals, plastics, glass, rubber and ceramics)
Cleans hard to reach blind holes and cavities
Cleaner parts in just minutes

Safe for Employees & Environmentally Friendly

Replaces hazardous cleaning solvents
Uses only biodegradable soaps and hot water

Wide Range of Equipment for All Industrial Cleaning Needs

From table top to large-capacity units to accommodate casual to heavy users and parts of any size
Custom design available upon request
Large range of detergents and cleaning solutions to address all kinds of tasks

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