GWA 200 – Wall-Mounted Automatic Spray Gun Cleaner

ISTpaint GWA 200 spray gun washer is a compact, affordable unit suitable for confined spaces and for repetitive color or coating changes. Automatic washing station allows efficient and simultaneous cleaning of one paint spray gun along with PPS and other disposable cup adapters in under 30 seconds.

GWA 200 is a versatile washer designed to clean either solvent-based or waterborne paint equipment in one easy-to-use system.

Increase the life span of your paint equipment by up to 75% and get ready for the next paint job in no time!




  • Single automatic washing station adaptable for gravity-fed and suction spray paint gun of any size and shape
  • Easy Locate System ensures paint spray gun is mounted in best cleaning position without need to change nozzles or attachments
  • Cost-effective solution for reducing solvent or waterborne fluid consumption and wastes, and for increasing painter productivity
  • Optional floor stand for fluid pail to avoid wall mounting
  • Built-in automatic fume extraction vent for solvent-based fluids
  • Low air consumption of less than 2 cfm, thanks to Graco high efficiency air-operated double diaphragm pump
  • Long-term warranty: parts 2 years / pump 5 years
  • Environmental-friendly solution reduces solvent or waterborne fluid consumption, hazardous waste and VOC emissions

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