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GWM 300 – Manuel Spray Gun Cleaner

ISTpaint GWM 300 spray gun washer is an ergonomic, robust washer suitable for medium-to-heavy users. Large manual washing station allows efficient cleaning of paint spray gun exterior and interior as well as PPS and other disposable cup adapters.

GWM 300 is a versatile washer designed to clean either solvent-based or waterborne paint equipment in one easy-to-use system.

Increase life span of your paint equipment by up to 75% and get ready for the next paint job in no time!

GWM 300 - Interior View GWM 300 - Interior View
Air Blow Gun Manual Wash
GWM 300 - Tank View
Tank View


  • Single manual washing station equipped with large basin, flow-through cleaning brush, manual rinse with clean fluid, air rinse / drying and air blow gun
  • High power cleaning up to 5 gal (20 liters) per minute
  • Cost-effective solution for reducing solvent or waterborne fluid consumption and waste, and for increasing painter productivity
  • Built-in automatic fume extraction vent for solvent-based fluids
  • Solvent pail integrated inside washer unit
  • Low air consumption of less than 2 cfm, thanks to Graco high efficiency air-operated double diaphragm pump
  • Long-term warranty: parts 2 years / pump 5 years
  • Environmental-friendly solution reduces solvent or waterborne fluid

GWMA Serie Spray Gun Cleaners (ISTpure)

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