PPB-346 – Portable Sandblaster – 3.5 cu ft (300 lb.)

IST Portable Pressure Blaster PPB 346 is robust and durable sandblasting equipment designed for outdoor applications. 3.5 cubic feet tank capacity steady blasting autonomy and great mobility. Concave shape makes it easy to hold abrasive media and fill the vessel.

IST sanding pot with continuous-pressure system is ideal for frequent on/off operations. Sub-slab depressurization system extends blasting autonomy by filling tank while machine is in standby. Abrasive metering valve provides precise and controlled flow of abrasive.


  • Automotive, Truck, and Transportation
  • Construction & Excavation
  • Civil Engineering
  • General Manufacturing
  • Marine Industries
  • Petroleum


PPB-RC-176-Diagram PPB-RC-186-Diagram
RC-176 Depressurization System RC-186 Continuous Pressure System


  • Tank capacity: 3.5 cu. ft.
  • Remote control system: pneumatic or electric (12 V DC or 120 V AC)
  • Sub-slab depressurization system (RC-176) fills tank by remote control when machine is in standby
  • Continuous pressure system (RC-186) made for frequent on/off jet blasting operations
  • Abrasive regulator valve (MMV-175 or PMV-186) allows precise and controlled flow of abrasive
  • High quality fabrication, heavy-duty construction, built with robust, durable materials
  • Comes with large, hard rubber wheels for better mobility and stability
  • Stabilizing support frame eliminates wheel fatigue and pot tip over
  • IST pressure vessels ASME and CRN approved

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