Industrial Coating Systems

Paint Spray Booths

ISTpaint manufactures high-quality spray booths for the automotive refinishing and the industrial coating industries. Our spray booth systems are designed to meet your specific requirements and budget.

Our range of industrial spray equipment includes modular design booth enclosures, efficient and explosion-proof LED lighting systems, a choice of airflow layout to capture overspray (cross draft, side downdraft, semi-downdraft, and downdraft), indoor or outdoor direct-fired air make-up units (AMU), and a variety of maintenance and waste management auxiliary equipment.

From simple, low-budget open booths to large and sophisticated downdraft spray booths with energy-saving features, ISTpaint industrial spraying equipment will exceed your expectations.

As a full-line surface treatment equipment manufacturer, IST can assist you with turnkey engineered projects for your applications, including abrasive blast booths, dust collection systems, spray booths and drying booths. Our technical experts can help you to achieve any coating and surface preparation requirements.

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