Econoblast Series – Semi-Industrial Sandblasting Cabinets

The Econoblast® line offers a range of suction sandblasting cabinets designed for light industrial applications without compromising the reliability and performance of an industrial unit.

All you need is an air compressor that generates a minimum of 22 CFM and a few pounds of sandblasting media (glass beads or aluminum oxide). Our light industrial cabinets are designed for light duty cleaning, finishing, trimming, deburring, etching and surface preparation.


  • General Manufacturing
  • Aerospace & Aviation
  • Mechanical Workshop & Bodyshop
  • Machine & Repair Shop
  • Transport & Automotive
  • Metal Forming & Finishing



  • Comes with dust collector featuring energy-saving air-filtration system that captures 99.5% of all particles three (3) microns or larger
  • Ideal for light sandblasting media
  • Heavy-duty steel construction (12-gauge)
  • Rigid door stands up to abrasives and seals tightly against dust
  • Flush construction minimizes media spill when door is opened
  • Self-adjusting door latch assures continued tight seal as door gasket ages
  • Simple, pneumatic controls for greater reliability
  • Screen prevents oversized particles from causing clogs
  • Optional safety-door switch prevents accidental blasting when doors are open
  • Complies with OSHA (USA) requirements
  • Can be operated with standard DB13 or optional DC50 dust collectors

Installation and Startup Procedures

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