DC50 – Bag-House Dust Collector for Sandblasting Cabinet

DC50 dust collector is a good solution for tight budgets that don’t allow purchase of higher end, more efficient models of shaker dust collectors. Suitable for occasional-to-regular users of semi-industrial sandblasting cabinets, such as Econoblast and ECAB Series cabinets.

DC50 uses cabinet’s compressed air, making it an interesting solution for dust filtration of various applications when compressed air is unavailable. This automated, modular, manual shaker-type dust collector requires minimal supervision and maintenance.




  • Dust collector featuring energy-saving air-filtration system that captures 99.5% of all particles 3 microns (µm) or larger.
  • Affordable filtering solution
  • Small footprint
  • Easy access to filter bags
  • Standard replacement bags widely available on the market
  • Can be operated with pressure or suction sandblasting cabinets

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